Lifelines in Knitting

I first learned about lifelines for your knitting about 8 years ago. Which means I knit for a heck of a long time without them. Now, everyone reading this may already know about this fancy dancy handy little trick. But you may be like me. An old fart knitter who didn’t.
When you are knitting away on something complicated, or something that is just not intuitive, you will come to a row where you gaze at your work, and have that happy moment where you know all is well. All the stitches are correct, and line up, and the whole thing looks amazing.
Here is where you put in a lifeline! All you do is take a slick piece of yarn (or #10 sewing cotton, or even dental floss) Thread it through the stitches on your needle, leaving a good piece hanging off each end. Now carry on and knit. Keep doing this at intervals as you go.
And, when that moment comes, as it often does, that you look your work and realize that 5 rows back in this *8@% lace pattern that yarovers on every row, and knit 17 tog…. you only knit 15 together. Pull out your needle…Riiiiip. And there are those stitches, those perfect ones where all was well, neatly held on that lifeline thread. Pick them up with your needle and off you go!
A 5 minute fix instead of a 3 hour tear your hair out oh MAN I dropped that yarnover, oh hell, I might as well rip the whole thing and start over fix.
It works for any knitting really, not just lace.
And not just complicated lace. It works well on easy lace that you are knitting while distracted. With a llama lace weight that has a bit of a halo so the stitches really don’t like to rip back, and when they finally do, they like to run back a couple of extra rows.
Like in this wrap. In an easy peasy lace. In which I did not put the %&@* lifeline because it’s easy lace. And I’ve knit it before.

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