Bison Roving


My friendly little nag reminded I had promised pictures of bison roving. Here they are. I am only listing these on this page as there is such a limited amount of it. If you want to order any, use the CONTACT form. I’ll get back to you right away.

pure bison web1.jpg

pure bison roving – 2 oz. only 1 available $40.00

bison shetland web.jpg

bison blended 50/50 with Shetland, 2 oz. only 1 available $28.00

90 bison 10 alpaca web.jpg

90% bison, 10% alpaca 2 oz. only 6 available $33.00

This is lovely downy soft roving. The alpaca blend is almost as nice as the pure bison. The Shetland blend (Monday morning, no coffee, what can I say???) is unique. The Shetland adds a bit of bounce, and while it isn’t as soft as the alpaca, it is still lovely.

Even spun very fine, bison is a wonderfully warm fibre. I knit some bed socks from it for a cousin with heart problems, and freezing feet. He says his feet are finely warm at night.

There ya go Ted!

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